Irritable bowel syndrome or also known as IBS is referred to as one of the most common disorder of the gut.

The functional disorder means that there is a problem on how a certain part of the body functions bit does not necessarily mean that there is an abnormality in the structure of that has problems.

IBS happens when the intestines would upset but people would seem to think that their gut looks normal if they would check it out on a microscope.

To know more about the symptoms of IBS, here is a list for people to check out:

  • Probably the most common symptom of having irritable bowel syndrome would be the feeling of pain and discomfort. This feeling would usually occur in different parts of the abdomen. The pain that people would feel usually comes and goes. The length of pain varies and sometimes, the mere passing of stool would ease out the pain. When people are asked to describe the pain that they are feeling, they would usually explain it as some sort of colic or spasm. One thing is for sure though, that the pain people feel would vary from person to person.
  • Bloating is also another symptom that may be associated with IBS or irritable bowel symptoms. People would feel they are bloated from time to time and people may tend to pass bowels from time to time.
  • Diarrhea is also a common symptom. This is when people tend to pass out liquid like substance. There are even times where in the bowels would look watery which is why it is something that could make a person stay at home so as to monitor their passing of bowels.
  • Another thing that people should look after is having periods of constipation. Constipation happens when a person is having a hard time passing out bowels.
  • People may also feel that they would have the urgency to go to the toilet as much as people can. People would also feel the morning rush which is definitely common in this issue. Just make sure to be prepared whenever you feel like going to the toilet.
  • Finally, people may also have other symptoms which may sometimes occur and would include the following symptoms: nausea headache or migraine, having poor appetite, feeling of tiredness, backache as well as muscle pains, and the feeling of being full even if the stomach is not full yet.

These are some of the known symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. It is important that people would find out about the symptoms so they would know how to go about it. These things are amazingly helpful since it could prepare people on how to handle IBS.

It is also best to consult a doctor to get the best advice on how to deal with IBS or irritable bowel syndrome and he can suggest some supplements. Check out some other symptoms so it would be a lot easier to say whether or not it is IBS or some other ailments that would need medical attention.